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WWE Half-Time Heat: The Recap

This Sunday, we saw the return of one of the most beloved WWE segments, WWE Half-Time Heat.

For something that can be seen as somewhat of an exhibition match or an advertisement for a solid WWE product, the competitors really took it to the last minute and showcased what the WWE (focussing on NXT) is all about.

Starting off with some wonderful exchanges between Gargano and Ricochet, the match was instantly heated.

We move into a quick exchange between Black and Ciampa, before Dream comes flying in off the hot tag to blindside Ciampa.

The two go back and fourth, before we see all six men putting on a huge display for the Performance Center crowd.

Action spills outside, Ciampa thumping Dream into inactivity and heading back inside the ropes.

It’s Ciampa and Dream exchanging, before Gargano springs in as the legal man and tackles Dream to the mat. It’s starting to favour the heel team as the match goes forward.

We finally see Cole in the ring, Dream and Cole hit some pretty big moves, Cole drives Dream down with a nasty superkick.

Ricochet hits the ring and downs all three opposing competitors.

Black hits two incredible moonsaults, one to Ciampa and Gargano inside the ring, springboard style. The second is right to the outside, hitting Ciampa and Cole with a direct hit.

The planchas are flying, Ricochet hits a huge somersault plancha to Cole and Ciampa, laying all three men out.

All six competitors rage on, looking weary but still pushing through. Cole smashes Ricochet with a huge superkick to counter the incoming moonsault.

We see all six men standing on opposing sides of the ring, they square off, taking hits from one another. It’s drawing to a close, as we see the men separate off in pairs, then Cole springs into Ricochet to hit a devastating Panama Sunrise.

Black Mass to Gargano, Dream Driver to Ciampa, Black Mass to Cole, Ricochet hits a 450 and Dream nails the Purple Rainmaker Elbow to get the three count over Cole.

Match Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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