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Superstar Shake-Up: SmackDown Live

Now, SmackDown Live proves pretty much every week that it’s the true flagship program of the WWE and that RAW is a graveyard for great talent.

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about The Viking Experience again.

But come on! Erik!? Seriously!!


Okay, back to SmackDown Live and how it’s the best darn WWE show out there.

When Andrade was drafted to RAW, I saw a future feud brewing that I never knew I wanted until I saw it. Bálor and the Tranquilo one. Well, that’s not happening now because Finn Bálor was drafted to SmackDown Live instead.

Poor Andrade. But at least Finn is back in safe hands and will no doubt be a huge pillar on the blue brand.

Next up we have Roman Reigns, another heavy hitter for SmackDown Live. Certainly a power move, Reigns fits the AJ Styles-shaped hole that was left behind. Not because they’re technically at the same level, but you need some big names and Reigns is one of the biggest.

Lars Sullivan, he could probably make a big hole. Look at him, the lad is huge. He’s on SmackDown Live now.

Kairi Sane is on the blue brand as well, but it looks like they’ve come up with more of a tag team role for her with Asuka. That really feels like she’s got a Women’s Tag Title reign coming her way.

RAW takes a big L as Elias joins the lads and lasses in blue. Crowd reaction for this man is bigger than ever and is only getting bigger. He’s popular, and no one really ever thought that was going to happen.

Ember Moon is another great addition for SmackDown Live, and that finisher, it’s still one of the coolest on the main roster.

Montreal hates her, you know her as a hugger, if she turns heel she should become “The Mugger” or maybe “The Mugger Experience”, it’s Bayley.

To round off these big additional pools of talent, let’s just appreciate that Buddy Murphy is on the main roster now, on a brand we like and has got to be the biggest 205 Live success story. Come on, SmackDown Live, prove to me that you are the best show and make Murphy a star.

Oh, we’re not done?

WWE couldn’t be arsed to announce these on the show, so just smacked them on the website with little to no promotion?

Chad Gable, Liv Morgan, Apollo Crews, Mickie James & Heavy Machinery

They’re on SmackDown Live now, not that the WWE seem to care.



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