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Brian Cage Rushed To Hospital Following IMPACT Championship Match

IMPACT put on a great pay-per-view last night, the set looked incredible and the matches were solid. The finish to the main event, however, wasn’t the strongest. This wasn’t down to Johnny or Cage, this was all because of one Spanish Fly.

During a spot in the match, Johnny pulls off a devastating Spanish Fly from the ramp to the mats at ringside to Cage, and Cage looks visible shaken by the impact.

Here’s the finish:

Cage barely gets Johnny up and it looked weak. Cage gets up after the 3 and must be in some serious pain judging by the expression on his face.

The potential incident:

It’s nasty.

IMPACT later tweeted this as an update in Cage:

Hopefully Cage makes a full recovery and the injury isn’t too serious.

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