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Street Profits Teasing A Jump To AEW

The pair have possibly hinted at leaving the WWE for AEW on their shared Snapchat.

Ford and Dawkins were, at one point in time, the hottest team on NXT. They had flocks of fans and a lot of backing to become the NXT Tag Team champs.

Lately, they’ve been seen less and less. The last notable thing the pair achieved was surprising everyone and appearing during an EVOLVE shoe back in October. That was cool, and they even went on to win the EVOLVE tag belts. That’s the first, and only championship the pair have won together.

That was in October.

They’ve done almost nothing since. It’s a shame to see a team dwindle like this without even making it to the main roster. At least they aren’t called The Street Experience.

Their Snapchat story however, shows that maybe they’re ready to do something.

They posted the AEW logo, only to follow it up with a shot of their merch on the WWE Shop website with the caption “Get it while you can.”




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