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Details On New WWE Championship Leaked

Tonight on RAW, Mick Foley is set to reveal a new championship belt.

First thoughts go immediately to maybe having a new hardcore-style title, since they’re having Foley reveal it, perhaps that’s the direction.

Then you realise that it’s the WWE after all, so looking at the timing of the reveal, it’s likely that the title is just another throwaway belt that they’ve made for the Showdown PPV in Saudi Arabia.

But then, a small glimmer of hope appears from the depths of wrestling podcast land.

Listeners of the John Pollock POST Wrestling podcast were treated to what could be a needle amongst this haystack of bad WWE content.

Pollock revealed that the belt is set to be contested under 24/7 rules. Listeners confirmed the news on Twitter:

Now we’re back to thinking that maybe Foley is involved for the right reasons, but you just never know until it’s truly revealed.




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