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Did Lance Storm Just Solve WWE’s Problems?

In one tweet, the ever reserved Lance Storm may have just found the answer to the WWE’s ratings problem.

And not only that, but with the complaints about the quality of the product, the shows being too long and the company is now just littered with championships, it’s all becoming a bit too much for fans to digest.

Lance swooped in on Twitter with what could be the key to solving this crisis:

That’s it.

No more dividing champions, no more confusing appearances that ultimately amount to nothing, this could be it.

Now, putting the 24/7 Championship aside because that’s proved itself as an interesting belt. It’s been involved in a lot of fun moments, and who cares, right? The belt’s fun. It solely engaged a whole new audience online and has helped put R-Truth over once again.

If the WWE were to just consolidate some of these belts, bringing together both RAW and SmackDown in a collective effort to hunt for a smaller set of belts, then maybe more people would stay tuned in.

Picture this, you have the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, sat side by side with the WWE Women’s Championship at the top of the mountain. These are then closely flanked by the Intercontinental Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championships, followed by the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and WWE 24/7 Championship rounding off the rest of the roster’s divisions.

Whoever happens to be champion, they’re the wildcards now. They have the ability to be on any show, can be challenged by anyone from any roster (NXT included). This would mean your champions become the focus, they’re seen the most by your paying audience and let’s be honest, people will pay to see champions on a weekly show.

Having NXT thrown into the mix could also mean better ways for the wrestlers to be called up to the main roster, and even maybe a surprise appearance here and there on NXT from a current main roster champion.

This is all an idea currently, but an idea that could easily be implemented with very little adjustment. The WWE need to be thinking drastically when it comes to reinvigorating the interest of the casual viewer and the hardcore fan.

This idea may have flaws, of course, but these sorts of things need to happen and fast. Give the product a refresh before more people turn it over.

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