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How The NWA Could Help Independent Wrestling

This week, the President of the National Wrestling Alliance, Billy Corgan announced that the NWA would be bringing back studio wrestling.

What is studio wrestling? Well, during the territory days, promotions would be permanently based out of these television studios and the champion would roam the territories taking on competitors from across the country. Similar to Adam Cole’s recent Championship Tour, but the champ would actually cross paths with other companies and other promotions.

Now, the NWA want to establish a base if you will, and that base is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seeing as back in the day, the Ten Pounds of Gold would be THE belt to hold in the world of professional wrestling, it can be that again with this new home for the NWA.

Aldis spent a lot of his first reign as NWA Champion touring not only the states, but the globe. He defended the belt in the States, UK, China. He was everywhere, and so was that belt.

Defending that belt around the world really established itself as a true world championship. It popped up in different promotions, was defended against brand new opponents and was truly available to wrestlers around the world.

Sound familiar? That’s a territory wrestler.

That belt and it’s lineage, and the NWA setting up a base in Atlanta. Atlanta becomes NWA country; it becomes NWA territory.

Smaller promotions usually have a set home, because travelling with a full ring, talent and equipment can be a costly thing to do every single week.

Other small promotions could easily start partnering with the NWA, establishing their own territories and thus, bringing back a territory system.

Professional wrestling needs something like this right now. More and more of the larger promotions of the world are eagerly signing their top stars to exclusive contracts and grounding some truly great stars.

The NWA could shine a light on promotions full of talent that don’t get to showcase what they have to offer to a wide audience.

Have a travelling champion and a base to promote out of, and you’re on your way to helping not only yourselves thrive, but the business as a whole could benefit from some sharing.




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