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Ric Flair Potentially Taking WWE To Court

Last month, Ric Flair filed to trademark the term “The Man” and is now seeking legal advice to protect that trademark.

Flair recently sat down with WWE officials to sort out an agreement in which he would be paid royalties from the use of the term “The Man”, which is currently being used by Becky Lynch.

The nickname can be attributed to Flair fairly well, and mostly from one promo where he claimed that;

“If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man.”

He also titled his autobiography To Be The Man.

If Flair decides to take this matter into a courtroom, this will no doubt change his current status with the company.

His relationship with the WWE has always been turbulent, but it’s been in good standing as of late after Flair made numerous appearances on TV for the brand.

Flair recently spoke to TMZ about the matter and claimed:

“Ric tells TMZ Sports … he was trying to work out an amicable, private agreement with WWE where they would pay him to allow Becky to continue to use the name, but WWE blew him off.”

Hopefully some sort of agreement can be reached between the two parties.

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