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Big Cass Stopped By Police After Death Threats

Cass go into an altercation with Pat Buck, accused other wrestlers of stealing his gear and threatend to kill others and himself at one point backstage at the event.

The show in question was Pat Buck’s farewell show for WrestlePro. He’d officially be wrestling his last match for the company.

However, events backstage overshadowed what should have been an emotional send of for Buck.

At first, according to multiple sources whe were present backstage, Cass approached Joey Janela and threatened him. This animosity possibly stems from Janela’s initial confrontation at a Blink-182 concert a few months back.

Janela and Cass has shared the same locker room the night before with absolutely no issue, but that wasn’t the case for the WrestlePro show.

WrestlePro’s Kevin Matthews was forced to step in and separate the two, but this didn’t seem to calm Cass at all. Matthews and Janela were placed in a separate room so the two could put their match together in peace.

Cass, with no targets, then turned his attention to the rest of the locker room, where he accused multiple talents of stealing clothing from his bag. This escalated into Cass threatening to “take care” of them, insinuating more violence.

Cass then moved through to a smaller room where Pat Buck and SCU were putting together their main event match. Cass continued with the same rhetoric, accusing both parties of stealing from his bag and threatened both with violence. Cass turns to Pat Buck and screams “What are you gonna do, tough guy?” And spits in Pat Buck’s face.

Buck immediately took a swing at Cass, knocking him to the ground and this was quickly followed by the rest of the locker room dragging Cass out of the smaller room with Buck and SCU. What seemed strange, is that after this encounter, Cass seemed confused and didn’t understand why he’d been knocked down.

Local police were called in to remove Cass from the arena and he remained very confused as to why he was being removed. The police station is next door to the Rahway Rec Centre and officers are always present when there is a show on at the centre.

According to fans in attendance, Cass remained outside the venue even after the show ended and this prompted local police to step in once again. They searched for his car, but instead, found him sat on the curb nearby where he remained belligerent and was loudly making unprovoked claims about himself. This forced local authorities to call for an ambulance and Cass was taken to a local hospital.

It’s a shame that a show designed to bid farewell to Pat Buck, has been thrown off slightly but this rather unfortunate news. Looking at Cass, it seems as though he still has some medicinal or mental health issues that seem to be a little out of his control.

As a wrestler looking to redeem himself, these issues are still preventing him from pursuing a lengthy career in the business.

Hopefully Cass can get the help that he needs, because there’s no denying how talented he is.

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