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WWE To Begin 4 Stage Plan To Bring Fans Back

The WWE has already taken steps in the direction of eventually bringing fans back to shows, and the plan consists of four stages. These will come into play over the rest of the year.

The first stage of this plan happened last week, with the shows being attended by the friends and family of the talents, along with Performance Center recruits. This saw a noticeable change in the density of the crowds around the ring, especially during The Street Profits’ entrance on RAW this Monday.

The second stage will see the inclusion of less PC talents in attendance, and a focus on more friends and family of the talents. This change will give the live audience a more authentic feel, and will certainly change the rather canned atmosphere.

Eventually at stage three, there will be no PC talents in attendance and the live crowd will be purely friends, family, and regular fans at both Performace Center tapings, and the Full Sail University NXT shows. What will remain controlled at this stage, is the density of the crowd. Attendance will be limited to 50% of the maximum capacity of both venues, as to maintain a safe distance between those at the shows.

The final stage sees the WWE gradually moving back to touring the shows around the United States, with no live events. The tour will only be for televised weekly shows and PPVs.

These changes will take shape over the rest of the year, but it seems rather likely that this will change, and with the amount of COVID-19 cases still rising in the USA, it might stop all-together.




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